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Artfills in Schools – Vocals, Rhythm and Dance


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A complete Art Learning solution for schools

A child at an early age should be exposed to entire spectrum of Music, i.e. Rhythm, Vocals & Dance, rather than compartmentalised learning in any one/two elements. Our mission is to equip students with best classical arts education tool that is fun to learn.

What you learn:

The academic year is equally divided into 3 modules as – Hindustani Vocals, Tabla & Kathak Dance.

We start training students through absolute basics in all the above streams & also expose them to aspects which make common connections to experience Music in a holistic manner. This process empowers children to make an informed choice of which particular stream to specialise in, after having gone through 4-6 years of basic training.

Hindustani Vocals

  • Swar & Saptak
  • Basic Alankar
  • Dynamic Alankar
  • Saptak Song (Asthayi & Antara)


  • Basic Single Handed Bols
  • Basic Rela
  • Basic Chalan
  • Introduction to Taal

Kathak Dance

  • Posture & Hand Movements
  • Basic Footwork 
  • Tihaee
  • Toda 

Our Program ensures:

  • Top quality web-based content delivered by professional artists and learning monitored by In-class teacher
  • Structured curriculum: 9 classes each of Vocals, Percussion & Dance in 1st year course spanning over 27 classes followed by Assessment & Certification
  • Fun-way of learning meant for today’s children
  • Course fitting into annual school calendars
  • Web-access to all students with theory & video content for self-learning/revision post class


Why is the child learning all three i.e. Vocals, Rhythm & Dance?

When a child is young, it is unfair of us to ask a beginner to blatantly choose any one of the specialised streams (as dance or instrumental or singing); at a point when he/she has no awareness of his/her strengths, weaknesses, inclination or knowledge about MUSIC as a subject. So one needs to first start by providing to them, a generalised understanding of MUSIC, i.e. Vocals-Instrumental-Dance all-together; right at the initiation of the learning process.After completing 4-6 basic levels of learning in the generalised method, students can eventually choose to specialise in any one or more streams based on their own experiential understanding of their abilities & potential.

My child has already learnt Tabla/Kathak/ Vocals/ other classical form since 2-3 years. Is this course suited for him?

Yes, even if you are partially trained in one or more of the above streams of Music, you will still be suited for this course. That is because our course gives you a holistic understanding about MUSIC as a subject & the interdependence of Vocals-Rhythm-Dance that enhances one’s creative abilities & quality of performance ; rather than learning any of these forms in isolation.

Is this a gender specific course, only for boys or girls?

This course is completely neutral to gender or physicality. Student of any gender, age-group or physical condition can enjoy the learning process & can benefit from it as per their respective capacities.5600

Will a student be certified?

Students will receive a detailed progress report (transcript) inclusive of internal assessments & submissions, and external marking done by professional artist at the end of each module.

How do I sing up with Artfills for my School?

Please note the details of your school along with the contact of the concerned authority; and send in your request to us at

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I have always loved to sing western vocals but had recently developed interest in understanding Indian vocals. Thus I searched for online courses, which I could take in my free time from home. I found ARTFILLS very interesting with their new-age approach of learning & graphically enabled practice routine. It really helped me understand the concepts of RAAG & TAAL in a simplistic manner to enjoy the singing style.

Nilu Valecha Home-maker September 17, 2018


With a divinely mesmerising voice along with the unceasing enthusiasm, Saylee Talwalkar has influentially made her resonance felt in a profoundly infinite world of music. Saylee is the disciple of Guru Mrs. Usha Deshpande ji, of the Kirana Gharana; Mrs. Arti Anklikar Tikekar ji of Jaipur and Agra Gharana & Pandita Padma Talwalkar ji of Jaipur-Atrauli Garana. Having imbibed the moral norms, values and an in-depth understanding of not just one but many gharanas that allows her to harmonize her distinctly diverse styles into one enthralling rendition from classical to semi-classical styles. She shares the credits of the widely recognised album by the Jazz Saxophonist Mr. Finn Martin from Germany. She has also performed with the world renowned Jazz Pianist Mr. Louis Banks in his very own band, Aakriti.

    Bhakti Deshpande

    Bhakti Deshpande

    A professional Kathak dancer having performed in prestigious venues globally, an empanelled artist with the indian ministry of culture, a Kathak Choreographer in Bollywood movies like Baajiraomastani, vishwaroopam, dedhisqiya and multiple dancer reality shows. She is the student of PanditBirjuMaharaj ji and Pandit Suresh Talwalkar. But most importantly she has been a passionate teacher since more than a decade. She has designed and delivered the Dance(Kathak) course.

    Karan Chitra Deshmukh

    Karan Chitra Deshmukh

    Tabla Player and a Multi-Percussionist Karan has been enthralling audiences with his drumming, innovative tabla playing and as a multipercussionist both, in india and abroad. As a sound-engineer, he has assisted for Coke Studio , India and MTV Unplugged. He has assisted the esteemed Karsh Kalewhilst also performing with him on several occasions. He travels the country, performing with several musicians, including Papon,Life, and Jankee Parikh-Mehta.

    Saylee Talwalkar

    Saylee Talwalkar

    A hindustani classical & semi-classical vocalist of great renown among the young performer of india. Having received her tutelege under Guru.AartiAnklikar-Tikeketr& Guru.Padmatai Talwalkar,Saylee a torch bearer of the jaipurgharanagayakistyle. She extensively travels around the country and abroad, giving her solo vocal mehfils as well as semi-classical ensembles collaborating with artist of other musical genres. She also gives play backs in Hindi, Marathi & Tamil albums & is a passionate teacher to young minds keep on understanding the craft of vocal music.

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