How to Sing – Beginners Plus

Strong foundation course- via Video lessons
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What will I learn

  • Learn to sing the basics of Indian classical vocals: Notes, Octaves & Patterns
  • Understanding fundamental concepts of Indian classical music including RAAG (melodic frameworks) & TAAL (rhythmic frameworks)
  • Develop listening abilities and learn to appreciate Indian classical music (Listen & Learn)
  • Learn to sing legendary composition in a Raag (Bhoopali) along with a Taal

Comprehensive training in Indian classical singing -For beginners/ advanced level singers of western/other genres

If you are looking to develop a strong foundation in Singing, to nurture your creative side or to simply own a tool to stay happy in an increasingly stressful environment, we have just the perfect course for you. This course by Artfills is a foundation course in Indian (Hindustani Vocals) and is perfect for new learners or people looking to brush up on basics they may have learned earlier or learners of other vocals styles wanting to learn Indian classical style to add a new dimension to their singing

To ensure the quality of learning as per your needs, the entire curriculum is designed by top professional artists. Not only will you get access to best quality lessons but to ensure quality of learning you will also be provided with theory and notes, practice routines and final assessment for personal feedback on your progress.

Learning Indian classical Arts has numerous benefits for the development of your mind, body and social skills. Indian Classical Arts have survived for thousands of years because they have been beneficial to people over the ages. I hope you make that choice for yourself today…Artfills, choose HAPPY!


To begin learning the course in Indian classical vocals, you shall have NO pre-requisites. Your curiosity is your eligibility to begin learning with ARTFILLS. Follow some practice routines as instructed in the course

Who is this course meant for

  • Anyone who is keen/inclined towards exploring the world of Indian classical music.
  • Beginners, looking at a step-by-step guide to developing skills of Indian classical vocals.
  • Someone who would like to revisit their hobby or routinely practice the basics of Indian vocals.
  • Advanced level singers of western/oriental/other genres looking to add a new dimension to their music

Course Content

Lessons Status

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1 & 2. Introduction and Swar & Saptak (Notes & Octaves)


3. Alankaar (Notational Patterns) – Part I


4. Alankaar (Notational Patterns) – Part II


5. Dynamic Alankaar (Notational Patterns) – Part III


6. Introduction to Raag (Melodic framework)


7. Sargam Geet – Asthaayi (Chorus – Musical Composition)


8. Sargam Geet – Antaraa (Verse – Musical Composition)


9. Understanding Raag Bhoopali


10. Understanding Taal (Rhythmic cycle)


11. Taan (Fast pace notational patterns) – Part I


12. Taan (Fast pace notational patterns) – Part II


13. Tihaee (Conclusion)


14. Personalised Feedback

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With a divinely mesmerising voice along with the unceasing enthusiasm, Saylee Talwalkar has influentially made her resonance felt in a profoundly infinite world of music. Saylee is the disciple of Guru Mrs. Usha Deshpande ji, of the Kirana Gharana; Mrs. Arti Anklikar Tikekar ji of Jaipur and Agra Gharana & Pandita Padma Talwalkar ji of Jaipur-Atrauli Garana. Having imbibed the moral norms, values and an in-depth understanding of not just one but many gharanas that allows her to harmonize her distinctly diverse styles into one enthralling rendition from classical to semi-classical styles. She shares the credits of the widely recognised album by the Jazz Saxophonist Mr. Finn Martin from Germany. She has also performed with the world renowned Jazz Pianist Mr. Louis Banks in his very own band, Aakriti.

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