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With a divinely mesmerising voice along with the unceasing enthusiasm, Saylee Talwalkar has influentially made her resonance felt in a profoundly infinite world of music. Saylee is the disciple of Guru Mrs. Usha Deshpande ji, of the Kirana Gharana; Mrs. Arti Anklikar Tikekar ji of Jaipur and Agra Gharana & Pandita Padma Talwalkar ji of Jaipur-Atrauli Garana. Having imbibed the moral norms, values and an in-depth understanding of not just one but many gharanas that allows her to harmonize her distinctly diverse styles into one enthralling rendition from classical to semi-classical styles. She shares the credits of the widely recognised album by the Jazz Saxophonist Mr. Finn Martin from Germany. She has also performed with the world renowned Jazz Pianist Mr. Louis Banks in his very own band, Aakriti.

    Bhakti Deshpande

    Bhakti Deshpande

    A professional Kathak dancer having performed in prestigious venues globally, an empanelled artist with the indian ministry of culture, a Kathak Choreographer in Bollywood movies like Baajiraomastani, vishwaroopam, dedhisqiya and multiple dancer reality shows. She is the student of PanditBirjuMaharaj ji and Pandit Suresh Talwalkar. But most importantly she has been a passionate teacher since more than a decade. She has designed and delivered the Dance(Kathak) course.

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