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SWAR (स्वर), is a Sanskrit word used to define a MUSICAL NOTE that is sung or played by a performer. When a human being creates any sound & is able sustain it at a specific vibration, it becomes a Swar. It is the ancient Indian concept about the complete dimension of musical pitch which are naturally known to human psyche.

TANPURA: The tanpura (तानपूरा; or tamburatanpuri) is a long-necked string instrument used in various forms of Indian classical music. It does not play a melody of its own, but rather supports & sustains the melody of the singer or another instrument by providing a continuous harmonic drone (reverberating swars).

The tanpura helps performers, to mark a basic reference note (starting point) based on which further notes are sung. Each of the notes are sung or played at respective distance from the tanpura which in-turn helps in creating tunes & melodies.


SAPTAK: (सप्तक ) A bunch of seven natural musical notes (swar) when sung or played in gradual progression of its pitch, makes a Saptak. The seven swar in a Saptak are sung as Sa-Re-Ga-Ma-Pa-Dha-Ni 

Vocals Trial Quiz

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