About Us

About Us

In the ever-changing nature of human society, very few things have survived the test of time. Indian Classical Art forms have survived for over thousands of years, only because they have been beneficial to human beings.

Artfills was started because we believe:

Art makes us Human

In an increasingly stressful world, Classical Arts are permanent way to experience joy

Fostering creativity, especially in the young, is no longer a choice but a need

Learning & practising Classical Art have numerous benefits for the mind, body & social wellbeing and must be available to all


We are on a mission to bring the best quality arts education to all. Our courses are designed for beginners across all age groups. Our beginner courses cover all three aspects of Music i.e. Vocals (Singing), Tabla (Rhythm) and Kathak (Dance).



The husband wife duo of Bhakti and Dhruv started Artfills with a vision to make the best Art education available to all. Bhakti is a second generation Kathak dancer and has been dancing on stage since the age of 6. She is the shishya (Disciple) of Padma shri Pandit Birju maharaj, Taal Yogi Suresh Talwalkar and Pandita Vidhya Hari Deshpande. She has performed around the globe as a Kathak dancer in various prestigious venues, is an empaneled artist with the Ministry of Culture, India and has also been a Kathak choreographer in Bollywood movies like Baaji Rao Mastani, Dedh Ishqiya , Vishwaroopam and others. Dhruv has been an entrepreneur in the past, did his MBA from ISB, Hyderabad and has been working on creating great Digital products ever since. In his last stint he was the heading the Digital Product team of a leading telecom company. Their expertise helps create a perfect blend of Arts + Technology to enable the best learning experience for our students.