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Bhakti Deshpande

Know your Master

A renowned & award winning Kathak dancer of India, Bhakti is the disciple of Pt. Birju Maharajji. She has been a Kathak choreographer in Bollywood movies like Bajirao Mastani, Dedh Ishqiya, Vishwaroopam and multiple dance reality shows. She has performed in prestigious venues globally and has been teaching Kathak at South Mumbai since more than a decade. Her learnings from her Gurus and her extensive work as a Kathak dancer, have been incorporated in these classes.

Workshop for Beginners – Aalamban

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Designed by Bhakti Deshpande, the Aalamban workshop is made for beginners. It introduces the student to all the basics movement in Kathak that can be learnt in a short while and used for creating graceful choreography. The Aalamban workshop is a short yet comprehensive introduction to the dance form of Kathak.

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We ensure you learn from top teachers who is specifically trained to teach the Aalamban curriculum & in online teaching methods
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Course Requirement

This course is meant for beginners. So if you have no prior knowledge of Kathak / if you have learnt a long time ago and want to resume on your basics, this is a great place to start.

  • Beginners, looking at a step-by-step guide to devloping skills in Kathak Dance.
  • If you are keen/inclined to explore the world of Indian classical dance.
  • Someone who would like to revisit their hobby or routinely practice the basics of Indian dance style.
  • Advanced level dancers of western/oriental/other genres looking to add a new dimension to their dance through the beautiful Kathak Dance

Course curriculum

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This is a one to one class, so timings are flexible as per your schedule. The LIVE lesson with a mentor is about 45 mins in addition you also get practice videos that take about 20 mins each time. You can practice as many times till you are comfortable with a topic.
This course is especially designed for beginners. We start with the absolute basics so you get a strong foundation. The ALL LIVE class format ensures you can learn directly from masters, get one to one training from expert mentors and finish the course as per your schedule.
This course is for anyone 13 and above. There is no upper limit, 13-65+ all are most welcome 🙂
Yes, you will get practice videos for each session. You can do the practices as many times as you want.
Yes, we provide a course completion certificate which has the details of everything you have learnt in the course, mentioned on your certificate.

an award winning and renowned Kathak dancer in india, Bhakti is the disciple of PT. Birju Maharajji.

Kathak technique is based on keeping a erect spine and natural body postures. Hence obesity/ basic pain is generally not a issue. We recommend you try the trial class and if you are comfortable, you should be able to manage the full course. However you are in the best position to decide and take your doctors advice if required.
No, you do not require any equipment or ghungroos for completing this course
At beginners’ levels, we are neutral to all Gharanas / styles of Kathak. Basic technical training common to all gharanas is provided through the course.