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Join Level 2 or 3 & avail extra discount + Delight Guarantee.

If you decide to leave within 75 days, you will only be charged for Level 1. Any extra amount paid for Level 2 or Level 3 will be refunded

Here’s What you get

  • LIVE classes with a personal mentor
  • Unlimited access to Masterclasses for all core concepts 24X7
  • Unlimited access to Practice routines with every Class 24X7
  • Dance/Music diaries: Customised tracks for performance learning
  • Bonus: Dance Diaries – core concepts in Indian Music/Dance to develop understanding & appreciation
  • Bonus: Completion Certificate for all Levels & Graded certificate after assignment submission

Total Value – INR 5200 per month

Unlock Big Summer Sale - INR 1100-1200 per month

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